Why Drone Photography Is Good For Business

Are you looking to showcase your local business to your clients and prospects? Photography is a great way to get your brand out to the masses and put yourself light years ahead of your competitors. Using social media like Instagram and YouTube to communicate your brand through images and videos allows you to build know, like and trust quickly with your customers. Building trust quickly is important when a customer has never heard of you until a search or seeing your company in an ad.

So how do you have an opportunity? All businesses must be using drone photography as well right?

A lot of businesses hide behind the desk and cower in front of the camera. This means that there are big opportunities for your business to brand and gain market share while your competitors ignore tech advancements. With drone photography, your customers get to see a different perspective of your brand and your business. You can tell stories about your brand using video and images from unique angles not possible prior to drones.

Drone Photography

What Is Drone Photography?

Drone photography is the use of an aerial drone to take photos, videos and even audio from a remote device. A lot of photographers have been using drones to capture beautiful photos of iconic waterfalls, snow summits and even volcanoes for years. With costs ranging from $100 to thousands of dollars, drones come in different sizes, weights and camera functions. With a drone you

There is so much you can do with a drone when it comes to getting unique photos and videos. Since the dawn of drone technology in commercial applications, cameras and optical lenses attached to drones have continued to improve. You can now get footage in HD and 4k with your drone, which makes for movie quality DP on a low budget.

How Drone Photography Can Grow Your Business

Business owners have caught on to the drone photography craze and started using drones for aerial shots in architecture, extreme sport, and even contract jobs. One company has used drone photography to take their contracting company to the next level. In Hawaii, Roofing Contractors Oahu use drones to fly over recent roofing jobs, inspect old roofs, and show their customers why their roofing company is better for the job than their competitors.

Drone Photography In Real Estate

Realtors have also started contracting professional photographers to take drone footage of their listings to show potential homebuyers. This allows homebuyers to get a unique view of property listings from the outside of the home. In the past, if you wanted to see a properties land or home from the sky, you’d have to use an app like Google earth to get a pixelated image. Now with drones, you can view a new home in 4k at 400 feet above.

How To Get Started Droning

To get started using drones for your business, you don’t need to hire a professional. You can choose to pay a company or buy a drone for your business and starting learning how to best use photography to increase brand awareness, market share and increase your company’s deal flow.